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Typical Girls: Volume One

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Based around beginnings, Volume One explores the lives of artists from their many starts. Susie Vickery visually explores the issue of domestic violence in Mumbai, Eloise Dorr discusses the link between skateboarding and creativity, Marawa Wamp shares her stories as a travelling hula-hoop performer and world record holder, and creative writing pieces explore birth, loss, death and fresh starts.

Featuring work from; Abigail Hitchins, Alice Colfox, Anna Sampson, Bettina Nem, Brianna Wright, Chloe Greeves, Charlotte Gilks, Eloise Dorr, Florence Grellier, Georgia Lewis, Holly Archer, Isobel Adderley, Izzy Nicol, Jamila Prowse, Jess Sankey, Jessi Steadman, Joey Yu, Julia Maddison, Lauren Grant, Lizzy Gilson, Marawa Wamp, Michaela Zetterstrom, Peyton Fullford, Shelly Wyn-Dy-Bank & Susie Vickery.

Plus more...

100 pages printed, perfect bound, full colour.